About the Conference

We heartily welcome you to FatigueDurability India 2016 – 2nd International Conference on Fatigue, Durability and Fracture Mechanics and Symposium on Condition Assessment / Residual Life Assessment and Extension to be held at J N Tata Auditorium, NSSC Complex, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore from 28-30th September 2016.

Market demands, consumer expectation, engineering product design challenges, safety requirements, and adaptation to changing environmental conditions are growing day by day. Designers are facing ocean of challenges to meet this demand in respect of expectation of efficient safe, long life, durable, reliable, cost effective products in a shortest possible lead time. Innovations are inevitable to achieve best solutions.

However, it makes engineering product designers challenge more complex in acquiring the knowledge of physics behind phenomenon associated with fatigue, fracture, material, process, product design, validation techniques & verification procedures to meet the real world challenge. It is the need of the hour to acquire, adopt and excel in this knowledge.

Further, On the other hand, it is a billion dollar question to repair & re-use or reject the existing structures, which are subjected to all kind of environments, service loads, and abusive conditions over the years. How safe are they?, Can we continue with same condition, then how long? Is it repairable/reusable if yes, then how? or reject them – how to come to a judgement of rejecting them. Tons of questions in the engineers mind need answers. Condition assessment of these structures requires an interdisciplinary approach of study of material, NDT, fracture mechanics & life assessment techniques.

FatigueDurability 2015, First time created a platform for multi-disciplinary discussion. We thank all for the overwhelming response. 600 people participated, 80+ papers presented, 25+ experts’ shared expert keynote and more than 15 companies exhibited the technologies.

Moving along, as a follow up of last year conference, FatigueDurability India 2016 is planned this September 28-30th @ J N Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. FatigueDurability India 2016 brings experts from different part of the world to ensure rigorous technical experience for cross disciplinary interactions.

This 2nd International Conference & Exhibition brings industrial experts and academicians on a single platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas and advancements in the field of fatigue, durability and fracture mechanics and its applications. There will be an exhibition to showcase the technological advancements and paper presentation to share the knowledge with real life cases.

The Conference focuses on the covering wide spectrum of topics from design, engineering, testing and computational evaluation of the component / system for fatigue, durability and fracture mechanics aspects. There will be a forum of interdisciplinary discussion on working aspects related to material testing, evaluation of damage, NDT, failure analysis, FEM analysis, fatigue & fracture, processing, performance, reliability and so on. Participants are encouraged to bring their queries, problems and pose to the expert panel and derive the solution.

Design engineers, failure analysts, maintenance engineers, certification personnel, R&D professionals involved in auto, aero,  power plants, marine, offshore, manufacturing, consumer durables, defense services, offshore structures, piping & pressure vessel, and general engineering sectors can participate in the conference & exhibition.

For more details about the conference login to www.2016.fatigueduability.com. We request you to make use of this opportunity to interact, network with the professionals & experts in the field and be part of the FatigueDurability Community.

We heartily welcome you to FatigueDurability India 2016.
Looking forward for your active Participation